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Johnniah, 14, lives in our Robeson multipurpose home, and she wrote the winning Father of the Year essay about her father, John Mayes. Methodist Home for Children is a conference sponsor and organizer.

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I grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina and though my father's office was only about fifteen minutes away in one of the few office towers downtown, my mother and sister and I rarely ever visited him there.

<em>Essay</em> <em>about</em> My <em>Father</em>'s Life - 1522 Words Bartleby

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In "My Father's Life" by Raymond Carver I learned that Raymond Jr is an alcoholic, has the same name as his father, and an inability to settle.

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By Ryan, 9 Ada Merritt K-8 Center Miami, Florida Picture this, a personal helper who guides you to the rht path. That wonderful personal guide that I am describing is my Dad. Without him, it would be really hard to do anything. Once, we had a really hard and challenging test and I couldn’t get it.

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